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For Just $34.99 a year, you can save 10%-20% at participating restaurants while helping feed those in need right here in Pinellas County.

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Feed Someone in Need

Feed Someone in Need

For every new or renewed membership, we’ll feed someone less fortunate for an entire day

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Find a Restaruant

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Show your EP Card

Receive 10%-20% off your bill

Our Participating Restaurants

We’ve teamed up with the restaurants all over Pinellas County to help feed those in need and save you money while dining.

About Eat Pinellas

At some point or another we have all been down on our luck and needed some help. We believe there are many things that can brighten someone’s day whether it be laughter, friendship, love, etc. We also know that it is hard to enjoy any of those things that make you happy if you are hungry. With over 20 years in the restaurant industry we here at Eat Pinellas know how the love put into creating an amazing dish can make someone feel. A great meal can brighten someone’s day instantly and with your help we can make that happen.

Our mission is to help people who love to eat good food save money every time they eat at one of our participating restaurants, while helping local organizations feed people that are in need right here in Pinellas County. Each time an Eat Pinellas Membership is purchased or renewed someone right here in Pinellas County will have food for an entire day. Eat on Pinellas, Eat On!

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